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AARP Money Management Program Keeping Mainers at Home

Maine’s Area Agencies on Aging, in conjunction with AARP and Maine’s Office of Elder Services, are offering AARP’s Money Management Program to qualifying seniors and disabled adults in several Maine counties. The Money Management Program (MMP), founded by AARP in 1981, assists individuals of limited income who are unable to manage their own finances by assigning trained volunteers to help them organize financial papers, develop a budget, write checks, and balance checkbooks.

The program’s goal is to prolong independent living for individuals who are at risk of losing their independence due to an inability to manage their routine financial affairs by matching them up with a trained and insured volunteer who can help.

Through this program, a Local Coordinator matches a Volunteer Bill Payer with a senior or disabled adult who needs help keeping their bills and finances in order. The volunteer will visit the consumer once or twice a month and will provide checkbook balancing and bill paying services. The consumer retains control of her/his finances at all times and makes the decisions about how the bills are paid.

There is no cost for the service, but to qualify for the program, an individual must have income below $24,837 (or $35,144 in a two-person household), and can have no more than $35,000 in savings or other liquid assets.

If you or someone you know could use this service and might qualify, please contact your local Area Agency on Aging toll-free at 1-877-353-3771.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for this program, contact your local Area Agency on Aging toll-free at 1-877-353-3771 and ask to speak with a volunteer coordinator.