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woman working from home stands at dining table looking at computer screen while holding papers

How to Rethink Your Budget For the Pandemic

Start by taking control of your cash flow



Empty shelves of toilet paper in a supermarket. Shortage of supplies due to panic of Coronavirus.

Surprising Places to Shop for Coronavirus Supplies Online

Amazon out of stock? Turn to these websites

graphic of Lisa Freeman for members only access

Pay Less for Just About Everything!

Frugality expert Lisa Lee Freeman on ways to save

home desktop budget related items surrounding a notepad page titled,  financial crisis, with a full list of expenses on one side and on the other an income list with a question mark

How to Talk About a Money Crisis on the Homefront

Don't play the blame game, do fix your finances

a list on an open notepad has a title in red marker that says Cut Expenses

Drastic Steps to Slash Spending Now

Proven money moves with fast results

money going down the drain

7 Easy Ways to Stop Money Leaks

Household expenses you don't need

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