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Video 3: Age-Friendly Network Training

Learn how to enroll a town, city, county — or entire state — in the AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities

This is the third in a series of six videos about the process of making a community more "age-friendly" by joining the AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities

This video (or module) walks through what's needed for the application, which requires, among other materials, demographic data and a letter of commitment from the community's top elected official or governing body. The video also provides guidance about selecting a leader to manage the age-friendly initiative, set up an age-friendly team and engage stakeholders. 

Enrollment in the network doesn't mean that a community is age-friendly. What it does mean is that a community's elected officials have made a commitment to make their town, city, county, region or state more age-friendly. 

Video Duration: 16 minutes