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Livability in Action Slideshows

See what makes a community livable

The Latest

How to Create an Annual Report People Will Read

Pow! Kaboom! Suwanee, Georgia, punches up its annual accounting of revenues and expenses

More Slideshows

A Snapshot (and Snapshots) of Transit-Oriented Development

Getting around without a car is possible when housing, work and transportation needs are planned and placed together

What Livable Looks Like in Japan

Take a slideshow tour of sights and scenes in and around Tokyo

Main Street Gets a Makeover

See how a weekend transformation made downtown Bethel, Vermont, pop!

Signs That Say So Much

Some signage is especially useful, thought-provoking, creative, fun or simply odd

Little Free Libraries Appear in All Sorts of Places

Local bookstores are becoming harder to find, but readers worldwide are helping ensure that books still play a role in making a community a great place to live

Let's Have Some Fun!

Livable places have spaces where people of all ages can get out and play

Pictures of Age-Friendly Places and Programs 

See what's been happening in some of the cities and towns that belong to the AARP Network of Age-Friendly Communities

A Home Remodeling Before and After Slideshow

Small and large changes make a Florida house suitable for "aging in place"

A Livable Tour of Age-Friendly Des Moines

Yes, the photo at left was taken in Iowa. See it and several more!

In a Livable Community, People of All Ages Can ...

Well, as this photo gallery details, they can do lots of things! Take a look, and don't miss the shareable, printable download we created so you can show and tell others all about livability

Take a Tour of Our 'Lifelong' Home

With retirement approaching, an Oregon couple custom creates a beautiful, age-friendly house

Take a Tiny Houses Tour

The "tiny house movement" is making it possible to live large in small (sometimes extremely small) spaces

15 Cities That Want to Be Great for Older Adults

The municipalities featured here have signed the Milken Institute's mayors pledge to make their cities “work for older adults.” As members of the AARP Network of Age-Friendly Communities, they're already putting their words into action 

The 8 Domains of Livability

The availability and quality of these key community features greatly impact the well-being of older adults

Livable Communities: A Show and Tell

Walkability, places to gather, make a city or town a livable place for being 50-plus — or any age

Dangerously Incomplete Streets

Look at these photos and read about what you see. Then think about the roadways near you. There's a good chance you're encountering similar sights and scenes

A House That Can Be a 'Home For Life'

Aging in place is possible when a house can be remodeled as needed or, better yet, is smartly designed from the start

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