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Rethinking an Empty Parking Lot

Watch a video about this winning project from a 2017 AARP Community Challenge grantee

LOCATION: Kuna, Idaho
GRANTEE:  Idaho Smart Growth

Kuna, a town in Western Idaho, is home to many things: a fast-growing population, a direct route to Boise and a large parking lot in the center of its downtown that goes largely underutilized for the majority of the year. To spark the community’s imagination, the city and Idaho Smart Growth hosted the Park for a Day event so residents could experience a sample plaza in the parking lot. There was live music, a food vendor and sketches of the ways the acreage could be transformed. Attendees were welcome to create their own designs. The suggestions tended toward using the space for a series of short-term, recurring events, such as an Oktoberfest, Christmas Village, Renaissance fair or themed dance nights. Observed Scot Oliver, executive director of Idaho Smart Growth: “With suggestions from visitors and our recommendations, the city of Kuna has solid support for making improvements to the space that will be more than just paving and striping.”

The AARP Community Challenge funds “quick-action” projects that build momentum for local change to improve livability for people of all ages.

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