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Retire in the Woods or on the Beach?

Time to choose: retirement in Wisconsin or Florida?

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The Scenario: Time to choose: retirement in Wisconsin or Florida?

Check out the choices the Reweys had.

house and yard in panama city florida

Courtesy Reweys

1. Panama City, Florida - Keep Things Simple ($156,000)

Chris loved the beach life and Florida’s low taxes, so he wondered: Why not consider quitting Wisconsin completely and moving to Panama City full-time?

house on the lake in minocqua wisconsin

Ackermann Gruber

2. Minocqua, Wisconsin - Let’s Have It All ($460,000)

Selling the house near Madison could finance a log cabin in the area Chris loved as a kid. That would give the Reweys the best of both worlds.

cabin home in eastern tennessee with views of the mountains


3. Eastern Tennessee - Go for the Best ($350,000)

The Reweys liked reading lists of best places to retire and pondered moving to North Carolina or eastern Tennessee. They even checked them out.

chris and kathleen rewey in their new home with a view of the lake through the windows behind them

Ackermann Gruber

Their pick: Options 1 & 2! We want it all!

Minocqua, Wisconsin, and Panama City, Florida ($460,000)

The Reweys sold their house outside Madison in the fall of 2021 and bought a cabin on a lake in Wisconsin, while retaining their place on the Florida Panhandle. “We chose to stay connected to our Wisconsin roots and also enjoy warmer winters in Florida, with a panoramic view of the bay,” Chris explains.