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Ready For a Refreshed Kitchen?

Property Brothers say think comfort and tech


Jonathan Scott: We're Drew and Jonathan Scott from Property Brothers.

[Jonathan Scott, Property Brother; Drew Scott, Property Brother]

And we have also brought in our property parents, Joanne, Jim, they're the experts.

[Joanne Scott, Mom; Jim Scott, Dad]

They're going to stand in for you guys.

We want to show you a few things you can do around the house to make it your forever home.

[Property Brothers (And Their Mom and Dad) Design Your Forever Home]


Number one tip, save money on haircuts, and have a low fan in your kitchen, because this would just trim a little off the top, and that would be perfect.

Drew Scott: This is a very closed-in kitchen.

Jim Scott: It's closed-in, yeah.

Drew Scott: What do you think when you look around this kitchen?

Joanne Scott: If this is a forever home, you want to have counters that are appropriate for the people that are using them.

Jonathan Scott: Yeah, actually that's a great thing.

If you open something like this up, you'd have the great sight line.

[Open up the kitchen and add an island.]

And when you put in an island, you could have the breakfast bar at a different height.

It just makes it easier, so that there's options.

Drew Scott: Make sure that your appliances are up-to-date.

You don't need to match the brand, just look for a great deal.

Technology nowadays is so much better, it can make your life easier than trying to struggle through old appliances.

[Upgrade to voice-activated devices for efficiency and safety.]

Also, when you're thinking of appliances, wall ovens are a great option because that's better on the back than going all the way down for a range to get into the stove.

Joanne Scott: What about these cupboards here?

Drew Scott: Oh yeah, trying to get to the back of a cabinet can be really hard.

Pulling out a drawer is a lot easier.

[Install pull-out drawers for easier accessibility.]

Joanne Scott: I prefer to have drawers, not cupboards like that, because then I can pull it right out.

I get access to everything, instead of trying to get down.

Drew Scott: This is another area, too, tile everywhere.

You're working with the sink, what if you spill a little bit of water?

That can be a safety hazard, to slip on the tile.

Put a little rug, and also, make sure you have a pad underneath.

[Place a nonslip rug near sinks and water dispensers.]

Or you can actually stick it down to the floor to make sure it's not going to slide on you.

Thanks so much for hanging out with us.

I hope we've inspired you to make your house your forever home.

Jonathan Scott: I'm going to take some measurements because I would love to renovate this place.

En español | The kitchen is typically the heart of the home and the area that gets the most use. You’ll want cabinets that are easy to reach (install pull-out shelves in existing units or lazy Susans in corner cabinets). Sensor-style faucets and trash cans operate with the wave of a hand. D-shaped drawer pulls, rather than knobs, are easier on the hands. Stoves with cooktop controls near the front mean you don’t have to reach over hot surfaces to adjust the gauges.

Ambience matters, too. “A kitchen is a place for get-togethers and talk and family meals,” says Jonathan, who recommends making the kitchen as cozy as it is useful. “A little nonslip rug with a pad underneath is better than having slick tile everywhere,” he says. Adds brother Drew: “Having counters at different heights lets every member of the family — from grandkids to grandparents — work at their own level.”

Finally, think about updating your kitchen tech. Refrigerators now come with cameras you can monitor from the store to remember if you need more milk. Microwave ovens are available with voice-control features. And digital assistants let you skip cooking and summon dinner with a simple, “Hey, Siri. Order me a pizza.”

Ideas for Creating Your Forever Home