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Boomers Like Their HOA More Than Younger People Do

Millennials, Gen Xers complain more about smoking; older residents object to parking-space violators

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En español | Younger people are less likely to love their homeowners association (HOA) than boomers, according to a new survey, and Gen Xers are nearly twice as likely to hate their HOA as their 50-plus counterparts.

More than half of boomers (52 percent) said they love their HOA, but just 39 percent of millennials and 31 percent of Gen Xers expressed such devotion. By contrast, only 17 percent of boomers hate their HOA, with the corresponding figures for millennials and Gen Xers at 27 and 32 percent, respectively.

The survey was conducted by Other generational findings:

  • Boomers are much more likely to attend HOA board meetings. Nearly 40 percent of the younger cohorts have never done so, while that’s true of only 13 percent of boomers.
  • Boomers (38 percent) were much more inclined to complain about pet waste than millennials and Gen Xers (a little more than 20 percent for both).
  • Zero percent of boomers registered an objection about smoking, but 33 percent of millennials did.
  • As for loud music, 25 percent of boomers protested; this was also true of 33 percent of millennials and 17 percent of Gen Xers.
  • The wrong cars parked in reserved spaces were more of a bane to boomers (13 percent) than to millennials and Gen Xers (3 and 6 percent, respectively).

The most hated HOA rules across generations were lawn-appearance policies (27 percent), followed by parking regulations (15 percent) and pet restrictions (13 percent).

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