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9 Easter Crafts to Do With the Grandkids

Sweet treats, colorful dyed eggs and easy art projects are a great way to connect

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Easter family gatherings are an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with grandkids and tap into their creativity. Whether you’re looking for an easy craft to do together, a sweet treat to bake or something a little more complex, there are plenty of Easter activities to enjoy with children of all ages.

We reached out to some pro crafters for their thoughts on Easter fun. ​

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1. Dye Easter eggs

Coloring eggs is the go-to Easter activity, and it is a classic for a reason: The results are beautiful.

But there are some tips and tricks to keep the mess in hand and ensure perfectly colored eggs, says Jennifer Ivory, director of PAAS, an egg dye company.

First, gently wash eggs before hard-boiling them. “Just use regular soap and water — we don’t recommend a Brillo pad or anything that is really scratchy,” Ivory says. “That will have a much better look and a final result.”

After hard-boiling, follow the directions that come with the dye you’ve selected or use food coloring. Typically egg dyers combine water, color and vinegar for a more vibrant color.

“Make sure not to use too much vinegar,” when mixing the dye, Ivory says. “When there’s too much vinegar it actually will start to dissolve the membrane on the outside of the egg and cause a lot of splotchiness and an uneven color on the eggs. So it’s really important to use the right ratio of water to vinegar.”

White-shelled eggs work best, but if they’re not available, brown can be substituted, she says. “Instead of like a very bright, vibrant red, you’re going to get more of a burgundy tone,” Ivory says. ​

Eggs of every color are expensive this year, so PAAS suggests some “egg-turnatives” — items to dye that may be less costly. “You can use coffee filters, for example,” Ivory says. “They dye so nicely, you can create little flower bouquets. If you have any seashells at home, you can dye them into different colors as well.” ​

2. Make egg dolls

Dyeing isn’t the only thing you can do with eggs: Try easy eggshell dolls for a unique project.

Gather uncooked eggs, scraps of card stock, yarn and sewing trimmings, says Sandy Hu, creator of the Call Me Grandma! website. “It’s an excellent project to inspire creativity and imagination,” Hu says.



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After hollowing out the eggs, use indelible markers to draw on faces, and glue on yarn for hair. Create a body with a cylinder of decorated cardstock and use sewing scraps to get creative with clothing, hats and other decorations. For more details, check out Hu’s full tutorial with adorable results.​

3. Bake bunny cupcakes

Tiny pieces of tinfoil added to a muffin tray turn regular cupcakes into bunnies. Grab a muffin tin, some foil and paper cupcake liners. Whip up your favorite cupcake recipe (carrot cake perhaps?) and follow this easy trick to use three tinfoil balls to create the shape for the ears. Once the cupcakes are made and cooled, decorate as you wish.​

4. Make cascarones

Transform eggs into the ultimate party favor, says Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack, lifestyle blogger and author of Muy Bueno: Fiestas. Carefully puncture an eggshell, remove the whites and yolk, dye the egg and then fill with paper confetti. Seal up the hole with a piece of colorful tissue paper. The results are festive Easter favors that Marquez-Sharpnack calls cascarones, and which release a swirl of colorful confetti when broken. The name comes from the Spanish word for shell, or cáscara, says Marquez-Sharpnack: “Legend has it that it’s good luck if you have a cascarón broken over your head!”​

5. Bake up a bird’s nest

Sweet birds’ nests are an easy spring treat. Rachael Nicholson, the woman behind the Mama of Minis blog, makes a gluten-free, peanut butter version, but you can use any cookie dough. Place dough rounds in muffin tins to bake. After you remove the little “cookie nests” from the tin, add your favorite “eggs” such as peanut M&Ms, Reese’s Pieces or chocolate eggs. ​

6. Create egg carton treasure chests

Once you go through a dozen eggs, there’s no need to chuck the carton into the recycling. Instead, turn egg cartons into charming treasure chests for holding Easter treats or any other valuables your grandchildren might have. With an empty egg carton, some paint, brushes, stickers and other crafting items, kids can turn trash into works of art. ​

7. Make Peep treats

Transform all those brightly colored marshmallow Peeps into Rice Krispie Treats with this delicious Easter activity. Line a greased baking pan with Peeps, cover them with Rice Krispies, top with butter and chuck it in the oven until the Peeps have turned into pastel goo. Mix, flatten and return to the oven for another minute or two, cool and serve.​



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8. Fashion bunny bags

Brown paper lunch bags become adorable Easter baskets in this easy craft. All you need are lunch bags, markers, colored pencils and a cotton ball for a tail. Cut the bag, decorate and you have a bunny basket to fill with treats.​


This easy paper bag Easter Bunny craft would be a cute DIY easter basket to give to your friends and family. Kids will love making this craft as a fun easter activity. #easter #kidscrafts #easycraft #crafty #easterbunny #giftwrapping #rabbit

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9. Throw a Peeps party

Play with your food by transforming Twinkies and marshmallow Peeps into Easter play sets. Start with a Twinkie, carve out a little seat and put a Peep Bunny inside. Add a steering wheel and some tiny Oreo tires to make a car or let your imagination run wild and create an entire village out of sweets. If your grandkids get really inspired, some local libraries hold Peep diorama contests and may be looking for entries! ​

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