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A man sitting in front of a laptop looking at the redesigned Medicare Plan Finder website

Your Guide to Medicare

Understanding the plans and the enrollment process

Finding Care and Information

Doctor talking with patient

Medicare Advantage Plans Adding Benefits for 2020

Nontraditional services ranging from nutrition visits to carpet cleaning could be covered

Medicare Compare Website

Need a Doctor or Hospital? Medicare Has Tools to Help

Websites to help you compare quality, availability of providers and services

Medicare and Medicaid cards

How to Combine Medicare and Medicaid to Save Money

Becoming a ‘dual eligible’ can help older Americans pay those costly out-of-pocket fees

What Medicare Won't Cover

What Services and Treatments Will Medicare Not Cover?

You’ll need to plan ahead to pay for some common medical expenses

 woman with tablet pc during an online consultation with her doctor in her living room

Medicare Expands Telehealth in Response to Outbreak

Virtual doctor visits limit exposure risk, slow the spread of coronavirus

Tools and Resources

Medicare for Dummies

Medicare for Dummies — Get the Benefits You Deserve

In 'Medicare for Dummies,' AARP’s Medicare expert helps you navigate the confusing maze

Medicare I D card on a table

How Much Do You Know About Medicare?

Take this quiz and discover how knowledgeable you are about the health insurance program

Medicare Resources

Helpful Resources for Understanding Medicare

The system is complicated, but there is help available online and by phone

Video Spotlight

Latest Medicare News

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