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Medicare open enrollment has begun! Learn all about it in AARP's guide to Medicare made easy.

Finding Care and Information

How to Find a Doctor Who Speaks Spanish

Don't let a language barrier get between you and good health care

Resources: Where to Find Help With Medicare

The system is complicated, but help is available online and over the phone

Understanding Statements

Understanding Your Medicare Statement

Use your quarterly Medicare statement to keep track of the care you receive — and to help fight fraud

How to Read Your Part A Medicare Summary Notice

The AARP Medicare Summary Notice "decoder" can help you understand your Part A

How to Read Your Part B Medicare Summary Notice

AARP's Medicare Summary Notice "decoder" show you how to read Part B MSNs

Medicare Rights and Appeals

What are Medicare's basic rights and protections?

No matter what type of Medicare coverage you have, you have certain rights and responsibilities

What Does it Mean if Your Doctor Opts Out of Medicare

Avoid nasty billing surprises: make sure you find out in advance whether providers accept Medicare

Appealing a Medicare Claim Decision

Why, when and how to challenge a denial of benefits

Medicare Fraud

Medicare is Under Assault From Fraudsters

Beneficiaries suffer higher deductibles, copayments, and care cuts due to fraud and scams

5 Ways Medicare Theft Affects You Directly

Medical identity theft and prescription fraud can leave you liable

Medicare Strike Force Focuses on Fraudsters

More than 3,500 people have been charged with ripping off Medicare for more than $12.5 billion

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