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Quiz: Gardening for Your Health

Developing your green thumb can help mind and body. Test your knowledge on the health benefits of growing things.

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Question 1 of 10

Research has found gardening can help lower the risk of which of these?

Gardening has numerous health benefits. A 2022 study found older gardeners had better heart health and lower incidence of diabetes.

Question 2 of 10

Which of these can light gardening tasks improve?

Research has shown even simple gardening tasks, such as potting plants, can improve hand strength and finger dexterity.

Question 3 of 10

If you need to lift heavy bags or do other strenuous gardening tasks, what is the proper way to lift?

To avoid bending over and lifting in a way that strains back muscles, bend from your knees and make your strong leg muscles do the work.

Question 4 of 10

If you are prone to sore knees, what might you want to limit doing in the garden?

Squatting while gardening can help strengthen leg muscles, but if squatting is too hard on your knees, use a gardening stool with a padded seat that can double as a kneeler.

Question 5 of 10

What’s an important way to protect yourself before you go out to garden?

Dermatologists advise gardeners to apply sunscreen with an SPF factor of at least 30 a half hour before going out.

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Question 6 of 10

If you have disabilities or age-related declines in strength, how can you make gardening more accessible?

Lightweight equipment, compact gardens and the right tools can make it possible for many people with limited physical abilities to enjoy gardening.

Question 7 of 10

What’s the best outfit to wear while gardening?

To protect yourself from scratches, poison ivy or oak or sunburn, cover up arms, hands, legs and head.  

Question 8 of 10

Gardening can be good exercise. Which of these is a good idea to do before starting?

Before starting to garden, warm up by stretching or even dancing to get the blood flowing and help prevent injury.

Question 9 of 10

What’s one way to make gardening a good workout?

Experts recommend using the 20-20-20 rule to change tasks — whether pruning, weeding or raking — every 20 minutes to get in a varied workout and prevent injury.

Question 10 of 10

Which of these is good for mental health?

Scientists have found getting your hands dirty can help produce the feel-good chemical serotonin, hearing birdsong can lower anxiety and being in green spaces reduces stress.

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