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Fitness Gets the Likes on Facebook

66-year-old influencer Wendy Ida shares the power of strength and social connection

The Fitness Guru

Wendy Ida, 66

More than 25 years ago, I moved to California with my two kids to start over after an abusive relationship. I was 43, 80 pounds overweight and afraid of every shadow and van on the street. I put my kids into school and got a degree in accounting, and then an accounting job. That’s when I noticed everybody going to the gym before work, and I did it, too. I met a gentleman I call my “earth angel,” who trained me and taught me about fitness and nutrition. People started noticing the physical changes, and also that I seemed so much happier. It was a true awakening. I knew I had to train other people to take control of their own lives the way I did. I moonlighted as a trainer’s assistant until I learned enough to do it on my own full time. When the internet and social media came along, I saw it as an opportunity to get new clients but also to share my story. The more I pushed my body, the better I felt inside, and I simply couldn’t contain it. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube — I felt like I was born for these. It’s like being the star of my own silver screen. I love reaching out and connecting with people. And it pushes me even further, knowing all those eyes are following me online. I gotta keep getting stronger because people are watching and feeling inspired. I’m showing younger people and boomers that seniors can be fit, we can be sexy, we can be unstoppable. When I look at the comments and retweets and hearts I get on my social feeds, it makes me want to stay up all night. Follow @WendyIdaFitness on Facebook

Angie Schmitt, 56

56 million YouTube views

Not pausing for menopause, Angie shows women over 50 how to sizzle rather than sweat in more than 600 friendly, chatty YouTube video tutorials, all created since 2012. Follow HotandFlashy on YouTube

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