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Eat This, Not That! to Get Your Best Body

Forget fad diets and deprivation. Instead, lose weight and get healthy with these simple food swaps

Eat this not that

Claire Benoist

Eat all your favorite foods — with a few tweaks

En español | You've seen 'em all in the course of your lifetime. Low fat, low carb, low salt. Mediterranean, Paleolithic, Scarsdale. Vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian. Take your pick: The word "diet" gives you 471 million hits to choose from on Google. From Atkins to Zone, there is no shortage of plans from which to choose. But study after study shows there is only one diet that works: the one you stick to.

And, unfortunately, most of us aren't particularly good at that seemingly simple skill. Which is why the ease of Eat This, Not That! is so appealing. This approach to eating is not a diet but, rather, a strategy that allows you to eat all your favorite foods — with a few tweaks.

After all, if you love pizza, ice cream or chocolate, then a diet that forbids one or more of these indulgences won't work for you. But what if you could address your major health concerns — blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, low energy, loss of lean muscle mass — by eating slightly healthier versions of these and other foods that you enjoy? No more sacrificing, no more feeling hungry, no more guilt.

You can. For nearly a decade, Eat This, Not That! books have been helping people take control of their weight and their health — without giving up the foods they love. For this special section, AARP The Magazine teamed up with the editors of the Eat This, Not That! book series and relied on their research to look at some of the top health concerns all Americans face. In our helpful guide to the right, we offer you food swaps for your health, for when you're eating on the go and insider tips to help you take charge of your health.

(Video) What Eat This, Not That! Is All About: Dave Zinczenko, founder of the Eat This, Not That! book series, shares why his plan might be the one that works for you.