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Famous Fitness Fads

Jog your memory: Celebrities and fitness gurus who made exercise fun


The Oscar-winning actress discovered her inner fitness guru later than others. Her first video, the decade-defining Workout: Starring Jane Fonda was released in 1982 when she was 45 and far better known for her screen and stage work (and her political activism) than for her aerobics routines. Better late than never, though: The video, and Fonda's iconic '80s exercise outfit of leotard and leggings, was a sensation.

Since its release nearly 30 years ago, Workout has sold more than 17 million copies and still ranks as the best-selling fitness video of all time. Fonda followed up that success with more than 20 more workout videos. Though she hasn’t made a new fitness video since the mid-'90s, now she’s back at it: Two new titles — Jane Fonda Prime Time: Walkout and Jane Fonda Prime Time: Fit and Strong — were released in late November, just in time for the holiday shopping season. The videos are less strenuous than her earlier ones and aimed at the older fitness enthusiast, but rest assured the 72-year-old Fonda will still bark out her training orders like it’s the '80s again.

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