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Reading Glasses Get Cool

Check out the new wave of readers in lightweight, compact and stylish designs

six stylish reading glasses

Sarah Peng/AARP

En español | Purchasing your first pair of reading glasses is one of the first rites of passage when it comes to aging. As early as age 40, many adults begin to experience presbyopia, or the inability to focus on close-up objects (words, most significantly). While reading glasses are an easy and convenient solution, they can be unappealing — with heavy frames, lackluster designs and shoddy craftsmanship (think about the many you’ve had to replace because they’ve broken). But reading glasses have come a long way. Thanks to tech advances, the latest designs are ultralightweight and durable, and they protect your eyes against harmful blue light and glare from computers and other electronic devices. They're also far cooler than your average drugstore reading glasses, offered in styles that can fit any face, wardrobe and budget. The options listed here range in price from about $20 to $100 and can be purchased online and at major retailers.