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Sound Improvements

New tech devices to make the dialogue on TV clearer

Sound Improvements

Courtesy AcuVoice

Speakers that make hearing audio on television easier.

No need to struggle hearing your TV anymore. These fresh devices may be just what you need:

Sound bars

These slim speakers allow everyone in the room to hear audio with vocal enhancements. Two to consider: AccuVoice TV Speaker from ZVOX ($250; and Polk Audio's MagniFi ($500;

Sound Improvements

Courtesy Sennheiser

Wireless headphones for use with your television.

Wireless headphones

Many companies offer these with separate controls, so while your family listens to the TV's audio as usual, you can adjust your volume. Sennheiser's RS 195 ($450; uses a radio transmitter that connects to your TV and includes a Speech Mode, which reduces the program's background noise and boosts vocal clarity. Another highly rated option: the Sony MDR-RF985RK ($110; 985rk). It lacks the vocal feature, but its noise-reduction system blocks out much of the room noise. These headphones include an RF transmitter that gets connected to your TV, home theater system or cable box.

Sound Improvements

Courtesy Resound

Some hearing aids can stream TV audio directly.

High-tech hearing aids

If you wear a hearing aid, you could get a model that streams TV audio directly into your ears. Contact a hearing aid specialist.