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DIY Heart Health

6 apps that help you monitor your ticker

These heart health apps for your phone and other mobile devices can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and manage your risk of heart disease. Learn more about each app's features by watching the videos below.

Heart Savers

Dan Saelinger

Use mobile apps to help monitor your heart.

1. Healthy Heart 2 (free)

For patients at high risk for heart disease, this app lets users track blood pressure, pulse, cholesterol, blood glucose, potassium and meds. Data can be saved for backup, analysis and sharing with doctors and family members.

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2. Heart Pal ($0.99)

This app allows you to log, chart and analyze your blood pressure and to share stored data with your doctor. Plus, it includes a pill-tracker feature, enabling you to manage your prescriptions and set schedules for taking medication.

3. HeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker ($0.99)

HeartWise is an easy-to-use log for tracking blood pressure, resting heart rate and weight. Charts, graphs and trend-analysis tools also show how your blood pressure fluctuates daily and over time.

4. Cardiio ($2.99)

Created by scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard, the app uses the phone's camera to measure how fast your heart is beating. It also uses your heart rate to provide insight on your fitness level.

5. Withings Health Companion (free)

This app keeps an eye on your blood pressure while also tracking weight, activity level and sleep patterns. In addition, the company has developed a blood pressure cuff that works with your iPhone.

6. AliveCor ECG Heart Monitor (about $200)

This app records the heart's electrical activity, and when you share this data with your doc, it helps him or her diagnose atrial fibrillation and other heart issues using an ECG case that you hold up to your chest.

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