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11 Ways to Grow Out a Bad Haircut

Camouflage less-than-ideal locks with an updated color, new bangs or a stylish hairband

A closeup of a person cutting a woman's hair in a hair salon

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En español | We've all had haircut disasters. Whether the cause was taking a chance at a new hair salon, a miscommunication with your usual stylist or a haphazard DIY trim, the result is the same: Horror. Anger. Disbelief. Hats.

Well-meaning friends suggest adding extensions or a wig until it grows out. We're just mortified and can't stand the idea of doing FaceTime or Zoom, let alone leaving the house. Well, as a beauty editor (who should know better), I have been there too many times to not have a few solutions up my sleeve. Here are 11 ways to survive a bad haircut.