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10 Spring Fashion Trends to Try Out

Animal prints, tie-dye and denim tailoring make the list

Three models wearing yellow, tie-dye and stripes, some of the hot fashion trends for spring and summer 2019

Getty Images: Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho (2); Donato Sardella for New York & Company

En español | Trends, shmends. Why care? Because staying current — beauty- and fashion-wise — keeps us looking contemporary, just like knowing what’s new in food, fitness, politics, art, film, books and technology keeps our thinking current. Adding one trendy fashion item can inject the most basic wardrobe with attitude. Runway looks are extreme and basically for show, but they do trickle down to wearable, affordable versions that sell at a mass retail and fast fashion level. Some merit our money, while others don’t. Filter my list of this spring and summer's greatest hits (and misses) to find your match.