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10 Bad Hair Day Fixes

These easy solutions will make dreaded hair days a thing of the past

Various bad hair day styles

Getty Images (3), Charly Triballeau/AFP; Walter McBride/WireImage; Lester Cohen

I'm convinced "bad hair days" are synced to our mobile calendars. Is it a coincidence that just when we need to look our best our locks look their worst? Of course, we could blame decades of chemical treatments, as well as daily heat styling and attempts to turn our locks into what they're not — since that's the cold, hard truth. Instead of a healthy, glossy and enviable mop, we look in the mirror and find thin, stringy, frizzy, damaged, dry, dull, dyed and fried strands that suck the life out of our fabulous 50-plus faces. Even celebs are not immune to BHD syndrome. Here are 10 new tricks to turn tresses in distress into coiffures of confidence.

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