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Dating for Grownups

What's to be gained from going out with geezers? Plenty!

Date (and Marry) Like A Grownup, Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall

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Ex-model Jerry Hall married media tycoon Rupert Murdoch on March 4.

En español | When ex-supermodel Jerry Hall married media tycoon Rupert Murdoch on March 4, I cheered her on.


Because this 59-year-old babe has not resorted to cosmetic surgery, fillers or Botox, and because her 85-year-old groom is dynamic, brilliant and rich. Despite Hall's longtime relationship with a certain rocker whose last name begins with Jagger, in the final analysis, manly brains proved sexier than the old pout and wiggle.

Hall tied the knot only four months after being introduced to her new love. One possible takeaway? It never hurts to date older guys, especially given that these dudes know certain things:

They understand our beauty needs. He has wrinkles, thinning hair and a brown spot or two himself, but as long as he looks healthy, he doesn't feel compelled to look young. So no need to hide that retinol cream … or that Rogaine foam, that camouflage leg makeup or those trifocal readers, for that matter! While you're at it, pop in your high-tech hearing aids or have a hot flash in bed — he'll understand! (This being 2016, your checkups for skin cancer, bone density and cataracts no longer require alibis either.) Before you know it, the two of you will be sharing eye creams, tooth-whitening strips and SPF 30 daily moisturizer.

Older men are a better match. Look at what technophiles we've become: We've adapted to K-Cups and Kindles, iPods and iPads. But we're also probably the only ones who still buy prunes and house slippers or wear support hose on airplanes. So isn't it nice to have a companion who understands what the hell you're on about when you grow wistful over:

  • landlines (remember dial tones?)
  • encyclopedias (the printed kind, preferably sold door-to-door)
  • human travel agents
  • folding road maps
  • asking strangers for directions
  • bookshelves — and books, for that matter
  • browsing in record stores
  • TV commercials about breakfast cereal and potato chips, not IBS and Viagra
  • newspapers (and — lap of luxury — newspaper delivery)
  • writing checks to pay bills
  • cloth handkerchiefs
  • doing crossword puzzles
  • playing bridge

They are available and reliable. Social networking makes it painless to locate old boyfriends, and easy(ish) to rekindle an old relationship. And if it turns out your way-back ex is "taken," he almost invariably has dozens of divorced or widowed friends happy to weather a tryout. Some of us (like Jerry) prefer a trusted fix-up to the known unknowns of online dating. We may hate the phrase "looking good for your age," but frankly that's what many a 50+ man thinks — why else would they be checking us out? So be glad you wore lipstick, your good bra and perfume before leaving the house!

Older guys equate "classic" with "chic." Men of a certain age won't question your preference for tailored blazers over biker jackets, ladylike dresses over miniskirts or slim pants over skinny jeans. When you get right down to it, good grooming and well-cut feminine clothes that reveal your shape are all it takes. Silk blouses, cashmere sweaters, pencil skirts, lean trousers … any and all of these are likely to push their "on" button. Jerry's signature blonde mane (styled in movie-star waves), soft makeup and curve-hugging draped dress sealed the deal for her — and she did it in silver flats, not stilettos! Now that's my kind of gal — and Rupert's, too.

For more beauty and fashion tips, take a look inside my book The Woman's Wakeup: How to Shake Up Your Looks, Life, and Love After 50, as well as AARP's new Beauty & Style digital magazine (available on iPad).

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