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The Brat Pack: Then and Now!

We loved them in ’80s movies, but what are Ally Sheedy, Rob Lowe and the rest doing now?

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    The Brat Pack: Then and Now!

    New York magazine coined the nickname “Brat Pack” in 1985 to describe the era’s hot young actors — and the term still haunts the stars of those classic 1980s teen flicks: St. Elmo’s Fire, The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink and The Outsiders. Find out what they’re up to now.

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    Emilio Estevez

    Then: He nearly married St. Elmo’s Fire costar Demi Moore, but did marry (and later divorce) Paula Abdul.
    Still in showbiz, he wrote and directed The Way, starring his dad, Martin Sheen. He also runs a winery with his wife, Sonja Magdevski.

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    Ally Sheedy

    Then: Played dandruff-shedding misfit in The Breakfast Club and stiff-jawed prepster in St. Elmo’s Fire; dated Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora.
    A divorced New Yorker with a college-age daughter, teaches acting, performs on the stage.

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    Rob Lowe

    Then: A heartbreaker in St. Elmo’s Fire, he was considered the sexiest of the Brat Pack men; dated Princess Stephanie of Monaco and Melissa Gilbert.
    A married dad of two and author of two best-selling memoirs. Wasn’t afraid to self-parody his image in this summer’s comedy Sex Tape

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    Molly Ringwald

    Then: The pouty star of Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club appeared on a 1986 Time magazine cover with the headline “Ain’t She Sweet.”
    Now: She is married with three kids, a writer and singer with a 2013 jazz album, Except Sometimes.

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    Judd Nelson

    Then: Oldest of the Brat Packers, he played a shallow yuppie-to-be in St. Elmo’s Fire and a troubled tough kid in The Breakfast Club; engaged to Shannen Doherty.
    Writes e-books and acts in under-the-radar films such as Mayor Cupcake and Bigfoot Wars.

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    C. Thomas Howell

    Then: He became a big-time tween heartthrob after The Outsiders; briefly married to Soul Man costar Rae Dawn Chong.
    Remarried with three children, he starred in recent TNT police drama Southland and sci-fi movie Bigfoot Wars with Judd Nelson.

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    Demi Moore

    Then: St. Elmo’s Fire basket case, Moore wed Bruce Willis and posed nude and pregnant for a Vanity Fair cover.
    Divorced from her third husband, Ashton Kutcher, she costars in the upcoming films Forsaken and Wild Oats.

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    Andrew McCarthy

    Then: Lovelorn aspiring journalist in St. Elmo’s Fire and Molly Ringwald’s preppy crush in Pretty in Pink.
    A dad, travel writer and author of soul-searching 2012 memoir, The Longest Way Home

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    Anthony Michael Hall

    Then: Hollywood’s go-to nerd from Sixteen Candles, Weird Science and The Breakfast Club; dated Molly Ringwald and has admitted to drinking problems as a teen.
    Unmarried, not so nerdy, soon to appear in the film Results

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    Ralph Macchio

    Then: The Outsiders costar whose breakout role was as Daniel in The Karate Kid.
    Lives on Long Island, N.Y., with his wife of 25-plus years and two kids (his son’s name is Daniel); appeared on Ugly Betty, Dancing With the Stars and How I Met Your Mother.

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    James Spader

    Then: Droll bully of uncool kids in Pretty in Pink and yuppie lawyer in Wall Street
    A dad to three sons, he’s drawn to quirky roles these days. Stars as an enigmatic criminal on NBC’s The Blacklist and the villainous robot Ultron in upcoming Avengers superhero sequel. 

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