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30 Years Later, How Well Do You Know 'Goodfellas'?

Test your knowledge of Martin Scorsese's classic gangster film

Ray Liotta Robert De Niro Paul Sorvino and Joe Pesci star in Goodfellas

Entertainment Pictures/Alamy Stock Photo

"I'm funny how, I mean funny like I'm a clown? I amuse you?” If you know this great line hurled magnificently by Joe Pesci, you're a Goodfellas fan. But did you know that Martin Scorsese's Oscar-winning masterpiece based on Nicholas Pileggi's true crime classic, Wiseguy, turns 30 years old this month? Like many of us, you've likely seen this classic a number of times (and it's streaming right now on pretty much every major platform), but how well do you really know it? Take our quiz and determine whether you're made or whether we're going to have to turn our back on you.