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Which Online Mahjongg Game Is Right for You?

Learn about AARP’s top 5 Mahjongg games, and pick a winner

  • Mahjongg Dark Dimensions

    Mahjongg on AARP

    Are you curious about playing online Mahjongg? Here’s a list of AARP Games’ five most popular Mahjongg games along with some helpful tips for maximizing your score. See which one looks like the most fun for you.

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  • Mahjongg Dimensions

    Mahjongg Dimensions

    Mahjongg Dimensions is an online Mahjongg game with one big twist — when you get stuck and can’t find any tile matches, you can twist the cube in three dimensions to the left or the right to see new tiles. You get extra points for finding matches quickly and also for matching three or more of the same tile in a row. Pro Tips: If you can’t find any matches to make, you can click “reshuffle” one time per level. Hover your cursor over partially obscured tiles to see which marking they have on them.

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  • Mahjongg Toy Chest

    Mahjongg Toy Chest

    Mahjongg Toy Chest is a standard Mahjongg game except that the pictures on the tiles are toys. Don’t worry, though — this game is much more fun than actually picking up toys. You race the clock to match as many toys, like trains, dolls, cars and airplanes, as you can in five minutes. Pro Tips: Tiles must match in both toy and color, so double-check before you click. If you can’t find any matches, click on “switch view” — you’ll see a two-dimensional image of the board that may reveal some matches you didn’t see before.

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  • Mahjongg Dark Dimensions

    Mahjongg Dark Dimensions

    Mahjongg Dark Dimensions is like Mahjongg Dimensions above, but there are two important and fun differences: You can choose from three different levels (Classic, Arabian Nights and Runescape), and some of the tiles are bonus time tiles — if you match two bonus time tiles, that extra time is added to your timer. Pro Tips: The time remaining on your clock when you finish a level carries over to the next level, so work as quickly as you can on the easier early levels so you’ll have extra time for the harder levels. If you make a match within three seconds of making another one, you’ll activate a points multiplier, so scan the board for multiple matches you can make quickly one after the other.

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  • Mahjongg Garden

    Mahjongg Garden

    With tiles featuring bamboo, orchids, plums, chrysanthemums, all four seasons and even the occasional dragon, Mahjongg Garden will put you in mind of strolling through a Chinese garden as you match tiles and try to beat the clock. Pro Tips: If you’re completely stuck and can’t find any matches, click “deal new tileset.” Try to work through the tallest stacks of tiles first — that way fewer tiles will be left unplayable at the bottom.

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  • Mah Jongg Age of Alchemy

    Mah Jongg: Age of Alchemy

    The tiles in Mah Jongg: Age of Alchemy dispense with the pleasantries of flowers, seasons and winds and feature mercury, silver, iron, crystal and other elements that alchemists used in their quest to turn lead into gold. Pro Tips: Some of the symbols look very similar to one another. Avoid confusion by moving the mouse over a tile and looking at its value in the bottom left corner of the screen. If three tiles with the same symbols are available, choose the two that will free up the most tiles beneath them.

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  • Mahjongg Dimensions + Playing Senior

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