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The Last Thread

There is beauty in the final hours.

Capturing the End of Life

Picture by Deidre Scherer

Artist Deidre Scherer creates portraits that capture the final days of a person's life. 

Her unique technique and compassionate approach are explored in this report by independent producer Meghan Vigeant.

From Scherer's website:

"Seeing fabric as fluid as paint, Scherer draws directly with scissors and sewing machine. Using a palette of cotton, linen and silk, she creates narrative work by cutting, layering, and machine stitching. This work interweaves many disciplines including painting, collage, portraiture, quilting, mosaic, stained glass, assemblage, craft and fine art."

Scherer says: "The detailed textures and pointillist patterning of cloth gives me the perfect vehicle to carry human elements that are complex and non-verbal. Focusing on the universal issues of life, aging and mortality, my figurative pieces start a dialogue that is essential to our lives."