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a male home health aide wearing a face mask holding a pill bottle and talking with a woman

Restarting Home Health Aide Services During the Pandemic

Is it safe now for caregivers to bring back outside assistance?


Local Resources and Solutions

Find caregiving resources, solutions and support close to you or your loved one's home

Your Caregiving Team

You Can Get Paid as a Family Caregiver

Can You be Compensated for Caring for a Family Member?

It's possible in certain situations

Woman in wheelchair talking with a female nurse inside a home

How to Find and Hire the Perfect Caregiver

Finding the right care for your loved one

A married couple sitting on the couch having a disagreement

Protecting the Marriage Bond When Caring for a Spouse

Focus on what still brings you both joy

Inside the Home


One mature woman cleaning and doing disinfection on all surfaces in her house.

Cleaning Your Home Before and After Caregiver Visits

Tips on disinfecting surfaces, distancing and more

A home health aide wearing a face mask and gloves testing a woman's blood sugar at home.

6 Questions to Ask In Home Care During the Pandemic

Stay up to date on infection control, telehealth

Adult woman doing a puzzle with her mother

How to Keep Active and Engaged During Coronavirus

Practical advice from seasoned caregivers

Woman helping older man up stairs

Make Your Home Safe for Your Aging Parent

Adapting to accommodate your loved one

Saftey wandering

Home Safety Tips and Tactics for Dementia Caregivers

When you worry about a loved one leaving the house

Your Membership


Family Caregivers Deserve Thanks During Pandemic

Tips to Save Caregivers Time and Money

Save Money on Age-in-Place Home Renovations

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