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How do I get my siblings to share caregiver duties and responsibilities?

En español | With your parents, decide what’s needed, and plan who can take on what responsibilities. This organized approach can reduce the stress that comes from uncertainty. Develop backup plans where possible. To make things flow more easily, write down schedules, and give all those involved a copy.

Don’t accept excuses from siblings. If they turn down a request to provide help, suggest another task. Even a sibling who lives far away can help with paying bills, researching agencies or initiating regular phone visits. People with small kids at home can cook meals occasionally or bring the children along for visits.

Every few months the situation may change, so reassess by gathering those directly involved in caregiving for a family meeting. Discussing health or housing concerns openly as they occur can prevent problems later. Choose a neutral party to moderate, if necessary, and have a clear agenda for each meeting.

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