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How One Nursing Home Is Coming Back From COVID

Facility reintroduces activities and visits, but still battles isolation and burnout


Local Family Caregiver Resource Guides

Find caregiving assistance and services in your state

Don’t Forget Self-Care While Caring for a Loved One

AARP’s Mental Health Center can help

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Decluttering & Downsizing Important Documents

Feeling overwhelmed by too many financial statements, tax returns, cancelled checks and receipts? Discover how to declutter and organize your (or a loved one’s) home by organizing essential records at our free webinar.  


The Exhausting Reality of Unpaid Family Caregivers

'Already Toast' author on the need for more support

Support for Older Caregivers Could Boost Economy

Flexible work, paid time off, other policies needed

Respite Program Offers Free Help to Military Caregivers

AARP, Elizabeth Dole Foundation team up

What to Know When Taking Someone to the Doctor

Be aware of new policies and procedures

Care at a Skilled Facility More News About Nursing Homes

Nursing Home Visits (and Hugs) Return

Some challenges, restrictions persist

COVID Outbreak Traced to Unvaccinated Worker

Three nursing home residents died

Nursing Home Virus Deaths and Infections Drop Steeply

'While this trend is good, we're not done yet'


16 Ideas for Recharging Your Caregiving Energy

A realistic guide to self-care during the pandemic

The Saving Power of a Caregiving Journal

How it can help you stave off depression

How Women Caregivers Can Thrive at Work During COVID

Leaving the workforce isn't your only option


Helping you navigate your role as a family caregiver

Video Spotlight

Why COVID-19 Killed So Many People in Nursing Homes

In one year since the first case of COVID-19 in a U.S. nursing home, more than 170,000 people

Starting a Conversation About End-of-Life Care

Questions to ask and how to make your loved ones comfortable with the conversation

Planning Your Advance Health Care Directives

Amanda Singleton offers advice on preparing your advance health care directives during the pandemic

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