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Take Our ‘A Christmas Story’ Quiz

Test your knowledge of the iconic holiday film

still from a christmas story of boy sitting on santa's lap and looking at him; red, green and white circles with question marks surround them; black background

Everett Collection


Christmas is coming, and there’s one thing Ralphie Parker wants from Santa — a Red Ryder carbine-action air rifle. The 1983 comedy A Christmas Story follows the bespectacled, apple-cheeked youngster as he avoids bullies and yearns for his ideal gift. Although not an immediate box-office hit, the popularity of home video and cable television cinched its place among other perennial favorites such as Miracle on 34th Street and Frosty the Snowman. This year, a new sequel to the classic, A Christmas Story Christmas, debuts on HBO Max and revisits Ralphie and his friends as adults. Take our quiz and see how much you remember about the original 1983 film — and try not to shoot your eye out! 


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