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AARP Bulletin June 2024

Mitigating chronic pain, avoiding election scammers and buying a newly built home



AARP Bulletin’s June cover story offers insight that could be a relief to those experiencing chronic pain — which afflicts more than a quarter of the population 45 and older. Instead of a single cure, researchers now look for a multipronged approach to managing everyday aches. The story details the latest news on the science of pain. Plus, a layperson’s guide to common painkillers and how the pros build a pain management plan.


Also in this issue:

What you need to know before purchasing a recently built home: Newly built homes may have safer, stronger construction standards and the latest safety features for older homebuyers. But buying new or not-yet-built can pose specific challenges. Read how to help protect yourself in the process — and how to read decipher the fine print while getting the best price — in this month’s issue.

Protect your home against rising waters: As June marks the start of the Atlantic hurricane season, the Bulletin has rounded up the best professional insight into how to flood-proof your home. Not doing so could be costly; a single inch of water flooding your home could cause $25,000 worth of damage. In this month’s issue, we offer nine critical tips to minimize the threat of water. This story is part of a larger AARP series. For an in-depth look at the toll of rising sea levels and more severe weather events, visit

2024 election scams: Crooks often target older adults during voting cycles — simply because they’re so politically engaged. The latest issue of the Bulletin details the three most prominent election-related schemes: bogus political action committees (PACs), voter registration scams and fraudulent surveys. Learn how these scams work — and how to outsmart them — in this month’s Fraud Watch.


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