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AARP Bulletin November 2023

What we can learn from ‘super agers,’ protecting your home from scammers and how to save big at department stores




The November issue of AARP Bulletin offers readers a slew of the latest news updates and stories — from the rise in programs nationwide that allow residents to pay property taxes via volunteering to saving big bucks at department stores. The following are highlights from this month’s Bulletin:


Cover Story: Inside the brains of super agers

A small percentage of overachievers in their 80s and 90s have the memory, thinking skills and zest for life that people decades younger do … and researchers are determined to find out how and why. What they’re finding is fascinating: a range of physical, mental and spiritual attributes that can add up to extraordinary longevity, resilience and happiness — aging as we all want it to be.


Also in this issue

Fraud Watch: Can a crook steal your entire home?

Stealing everyday items such as a wallet or phone is a threat we all understand, but now thieves are targeting entire homes by finding fraudulent ways to assume control of a property’s deed.

Your Money: Paying property taxes with volunteer hours

Looking for ways to pay your property taxes? Some older homeowners can volunteer for specified tasks in their community and have the value of that work applied to offset their property taxes.

Your Money: Saving more at department stores

There’s a reason some department stores are still healthy and widespread: They’ve learned to adapt to today’s retail world, often by offering a wide range of unique discounts, sales programs, membership opportunities and more.

Your Health: Are you addicted to junk food?

Most of us know the sins of junk food ­— snacks are often fatty, sugary, salty, chemical-filled and low in nutrition. But few realize that those very elements can make junk food addictive, not unlike cigarettes, drugs or alcohol. That means weaning yourself off them is harder than just saying “no more.”


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