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AARP Bulletin December 2023

Today’s most urgent health questions, how to read the fine print and the risks of medical credit cards



The December issue of AARP Bulletin offers the latest news updates, stories and tips that will help make the everyday better — from advice on navigating contracts and disclosures to insight on your top health questions. Plus an extraordinary interview with Johnny Rotten (aka, John Lyden) about caring for his wife as she dealt with dementia in her final years. The following are highlights from this month’s Bulletin:


Cover Story: Your most urgent health questions answered

It’s the season again: for health hype, trends, study announcements, new viruses and product releases. The cacophony of health noise can make anyone concerned about their well-being confused and worried. To help, AARP gives honest, direct answers to questions about 18 current trending topics, among them weight-loss drugs, vegetable replacement pills, RSV vaccines, new COVID strains, the ice bath craze and more.


Also in this issue

Q&A: John Lydon on his wife’s dementia: “She knew I loved her, she never forgot my name”

John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, lead singer of the Sex Pistols, was the embodiment of the Punk movement of the 1970s: tough, angry, sneering, rebellious, outrageous. And he has maintained that public persona for most of his career. But in this extraordinary interview, Lydon reveals a side few have ever seen: tender, caring, humble in his determination to care for his wife of over 40 years as she dealt with dementia.

Your Money: Do I really have to sign that?

This month, leave confusion behind and gain invaluable knowledge on smart contract practices — including how to navigate liability waivers, disclosure forms and more. Plus, let The Bulletin equip you with the skills to discern when it’s time to walk away from a contract. In this issue, learn how to read that pesky fine print.

Medical credit cards and their risky side effects

From 2018 to 2020, people used medical credit cards or loans to pay for nearly $23 billion in health care expenses. While they are understood as a short-term solution, medical credit cards may come with other issues of their own — such as interest rates reaching 25 percent or more.

Fraud Watch: When fraud hits again and again

The Bulletin sheds light on the alarming rise of rebound scams targeting recent crime subjects. Read about the subjects of these crimes and learn how if you were targeted by a scammer, you are more likely to be targeted again in this month’s Fraud Watch.


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