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Six Important Intersection Crash Points Drivers Should Know

Learn the most common collision scenarios

There are many places on the road where vehicles can collide. At an intersection there are too many to count when you include fellow drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists. Here are six that are common and dangerous. 

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Always keep in mind the six “crash points” in every two-lane intersection.

  • The red vehicle is your vehicle as it moves through the intersection.
  • The blue vehicle is the other vehicle moving through the intersection.
  • The yellow flash is the point of a possible crash. Each crash point is numbered and explained.

Crash point 1

Vehicles coming from your left as you enter the intersection.

Crash point 2

Vehicles coming from your right as you cross the intersection.

Crash point 3

Vehicles coming from either the right or toward you from the opposite direction as you make a left turn.

Crash point 4

Vehicles coming from the left as you make a right turn.

Crash point 5

Vehicles coming from your right as they are making a right turn.

Crash point 6

Vehicles tailgating or following too closely can fail to stop in time, causing a rear end crash.

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