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Livable CommunitiesAARP Public Policy Institute

AARP seeks to improve older adults’ quality of life by promoting the development of safe, accessible and vibrant environments often called livable communities. Livable communities policies address issues such as land use, housing, transportation and broadband — all of which facilitate aging in place.


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Livable Communities

The Livability Index

The Livability Index scores communities across the U.S. for the features, services and amenities that impact your life the most.

Livable Communities

Specialized Transportation

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides new funding opportunities for specialized transportation services.


Livable Communities

The availability, affordability and variety of housing options is inextricably connected to the overall quality of life in a community.


Livable Communities

Older adults need transportation to the places and services that support their independence. Policies that encourage adequate, safe and accessible transportation infrastructure and services help people of all ages stay active and engaged in their communities.

Team Blogs

washington state bus

Washington State's Intercity Bus Program

Reconnecting small-town America

measuring livability

Measuring Livability

What is a livable community, and how do we measure one?

Telecom and Energy

Telecommunications, Energy and Other Utility Services

People of all ages need and deserve to have affordable, reliable and high-quality telecommunications and energy service where they live and work. It is essential to health, economic welfare and overall quality of life.

Events and Conferences

American Society on Aging Conference

Where: Chicago, IL
March 24, 2015|
AARP Presenter:
Rodney Harrell and Natalie Turner
"Evaluating Age-Friendly Work: The Challenges of Demonstrating Success”



Livable Communities

Much of the work of the Public Policy Institute’s Livable Communities team is crosscutting in nature, covering the topics of land use, transportation and housing under a single title. It also includes emerging work on the linkage between health and community environments.


Rural Transit Connects

See how Washington state invests in rural public transportation that helps keep older adults connected in their communities and beyond.

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Livability Index

How livable is your community?

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