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The AARP Public Policy Institute focuses on issues of critical importance as we age. Below we highlight research, analysis, background and commentary on major issues.


Social Security

Social Security - Public Policy Institute

Who counts on Social Security? How does the program help keep Americans out of poverty? How does Social Security help women and minorities? How should Social Security be reformed?

Health Issues

Healthcare - Public Policy Institute

Health disparities among older adults, prevention screening for osteoporosis among older adults, hospital observation status and impact on out-of-pocket costs, transforming the workforce to provide better care.


Medicare, Medicaid, ACA

AARP PPI issue - Medicare & Medicaid

The impact of premium support on Medicare beneficiaries, consumer protections such as age-rating and pre-existing conditions exclusion in the ACA, the high cost of prescription drug prices, Medicaid as the payer of last resort, high cost of capping Medicaid funding.


Work and Retirement

Protecting the Middle Class - Public Policy Institute

Will future generations of older Americans be able to retain middle-class lifestyles? How do we build lifetime middle-class security?

Long-Term Care and Family Caregiving

Caregiving - Public Policy Institute

What policy solutions can help people who need support live in their own homes and communities? How can we better assist family caregivers? What’s the impact on family caregivers who are providing complex chronic care? How do states rank in improving long-term services and supports?

Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection - Public Policy Institute

How can we better protect consumers in health care, housing and financial services?

Livable Communities

Livable Communities - Public Policy Institute

What makes a community livable, and how do we measure livability? What amenities do older adults prefer to have in their communities? How can we create neighborhoods around transit?  

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