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Explore how emerging technologies are transforming our transportation system and the potential
impact this could have on our communities and personal mobility

FlexDanmark Delivers Efficient, High Quality Transportation to Its Citizens


In October 2018, AARP’s Office of Policy, Research and International Affairs staff Jana Lynott and Kim Sedmak traveled to Denmark for a study tour and video shoot of the successful FlexDanmark transportation system.

When it comes to transportation for older adults, people with disabilities, and rural residents, Denmark is known in transit circles for offering efficient and customer-satisfying service. The AARP Public Policy Institute confirmed this to be true during an eight-day study tour and video shoot of the FlexTrafik system. The entity behind the system, FlexDanmark — a nationwide software company owned by five regional public transport authorities — offers a global model for truly coordinated demand responsive transportation service.

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FlexDanmark: A Primer

Denmark uses modern technology and a Scandinavia-wide data standard to optimize trips, making FlexDanmark the world’s largest and most coordinated demand responsive transportation system.

FlexDanmark: Rider Stories

Retired teachers Gitte Aakjaer and Susanne Riis rely heavily on FlexDanmark to meet their everyday transportation needs—from grocery shopping to exercises classes, the community center, political activities, and visits with friends and relatives. “In Denmark, the government makes it possible for everyone to be part of the society.” 

FlexDanmark: A Slideshow

This short article and annotated slide show provides a quick overview of FlexDanmark’s services. View Slideshow

Universal Mobility as a Service

No matter age, income, disability or community size, everyone can get from here to there easily, safely and affordably with Universal Mobility as a Service—a new vision for the future of transportation.


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