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PPI’s nonpartisan policy analysis focuses on issues of critical importance to older Americans and draws on the work of experts across the ideological spectrum.


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The Employment Situation, March 2015: Employment Growth Slows

For the workforce aged 55 and older, nonfarm payroll slowed in March, after months of increases.


Utility Expenditures Highest for Americans 50 and Older
Latest data shows utility expenditures are a higher percentage of average annual expenditures for older consumers


Savings Expected from Slowdown in Medicare Spending
Medicare growth rates have remained low since 2009, indicating that mid-term and long-range Medicare spending will be dramatically lower than expected just 5 years ago.


Winter Heating Costs Report, January 2015
Winter Heating Expenditures Projected Lower, but Challenges Remain for Older Low-Income Households


Star Power
The Effect of Angelina Jolie’s Personal Story of BRCA1 Mutation on Testing Rates Among Commercially Insured Women


The Employment Situation, December, 2014
Unemployment Rate for Older Workers Lowest Since 2008


Facts on the Future of Work@50+
Key information about the U.S. workforce and issues facing older workers.

Transforming the Workforce to Provide Better Chronic Care
Role of a Nurse Care Coordinator in Minnesota


Monitoring the Impact of Health Reform on Americans 50-64
Use of insurance Marketplaces


RX Price Watch Report
Brand Name Prescription Drug Prices Continue to Increase


Winter Heating Costs Report—November 2014
Costs Expected to Fall But Still Challenge Older Consumers.


Transforming the Workforce to Provide Better Chronic Care

How nurses in nurses in North Carolina are improving obstetric care. Second in a series looking at innovative projects around the country.


A Sense of Déjà Vu: The Debate Surrounding State Biosimilar Substitution Laws

State laws may limit access to less expensive generic versions of biologic drugs.


Work and Health Insurance for 50- to 64-Year Olds

Part-time workers and the self-employed are much less likely than full-time workers to have insurance through their employment. 


Family Caregivers Providing Complex Chronic Care to People with Cognitive and Behavioral Health Conditions

Providing care to people with cognitive or behavioral health conditions is doubly challenging. This report highlights results from a national survey of caregivers.


Transforming the Workforce to Provide Better Chronic Care

First in a series looking at innovative projects around the country. This report: The role of nurses in Rhode Island.


Testimony before the Oregon Retirement Savings Task Force

How to improve retirement savings opportunities for private sector employees


Summer Cooling Costs Continue to Burden Many Older Consumers

Many older consumers will be burdened by high cooling bills during the 2014 summer.


Improving Delivery of Long-Term Services and Supports

Exclusive 2014 update on how well states are doing. State rankings and national trends.


Reconnecting Small-Town America By Bus

Washington state shows how it can be done as new federal transit rules spur investment. 


The Older Americans Act

Funding is failing to keep up with inflation and demand from a rapidly expanding older population.


Is This a Good Place to Live? Measuring Community Quality of Life for All Ages

The meaning of livability and lessons learned by PPI measuring community livability.


What is Livable? Community Preferences of Older Adults

Livability issues may or may not be addressed by public policy.


Social Security: A Key Retirement Resource for Women

Social Security keeps close to four out of ten older women out of poverty.


Social Security: Who’s Counting On It?

Social Security provides retirement income for older Americans and protects workers of all ages.


Family Caregivers Providing Complex Chronic Care to Their Spouses

A new survey shows efforts to reduce isolation and stress are needed to support spouses and their partners.


Higher-Income Individuals Pay More for Medicare

Higher-income individuals contribute more toward the cost of the program than the general population.


Social Security Is a Critical Income Source for Older Americans--State Estimates

More Than 10 million older Americans depend on Social Security for the majority of their income


Mobile Device Privacy Disclosures Need Improvement

Mobile device use increases amid growing consumer privacy vulnerability.


Who Relies on Medicare?

10 key facts about the Medicare population.

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