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The AARP Public Policy Institute focuses on issues of critical importance as we age. Below we highlight research, analysis, background and commentary on Consumer Protection.


Recent Analysis

Maintaining Privacy and Security while Connected to the Internet

An AARP Public Policy Institute survey finds that Internet users of all ages are concerned about security and privacy, and that concern is strongest among older Americans. Read


AARP’s BankSafe Grants: Preventing Exploitation Through Bank Staff Training

Through this Request for Proposals (RFP), AARP is seeking partners within the financial industry to create a free online training program that will help employees in local financial institutions to detect and prevent exploitation.  Selected coalitions will receive from AARP a grant of $10,000 to help develop and disseminate training to banks and credit unions to assist with its BankSafe Initiative. Read


Challenges and Opportunities in Managing Digital Estates

An AARP Public Policy Institute survey finds that Internet users are accumulating large amounts of digital assets, but many have not planned for the disposition of their digital assets in the event of death or incapacitation. This lack of action can result in heirs losing access to their loved one’s digital assets. Read


Snapshots: Banks Empowering Customers and Fighting Exploitation

This report showcases simple and effective solutions financial institutions are using to fight exploitation. Read


AARP's BankSafe Report: Evidence Consumers Want Their Financial Institution to Fight Exploitation

This study measures account holders' interest in features related to preventing exploitation and financial caregiving, and interest in greater banking accessibility. Read


Mobile Device Privacy Disclosures Need Improvement

Mobile device use continues to increase amid growing concern that consumers are unaware how much sensitive data these devices can capture and share. Read


Rapid Growth in Hospital Observation Services: What’s Going On?

How does increasing use of hospital observation services by Medicare beneficiaries impact cost and quality of care? Read


Choosing a Home for Someone Else

How professional guardians decide where incapacitated adults should live, and recommendations for improving the process. Read


The Transition to Medicaid-Managed Long-Term Care: How Is It Going?

A look at the impact on consumer choice and continuity of care as states move to manage long-term services and supports. Read


Rx Price Watch Looks at Efforts to Reduce Generic Drug Competition

Strategies to limit the impact of generic competition for Lipitor have hurt consumers. Read


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