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How do older residents stay connected to the community as they cut back on driving? Research shows that non-drivers are more likely to miss out on things they’d like to do. Learn more about how transportation is connected to aging, and how to fix the mobility crisis facing the Baby Boom generation.

Featured Resources

Planning Complete Streets for an Aging Population

This AARP study discusses how the concept of “complete streets,” can improve the mobility of older adults. A Complete Street is safe and convenient for travel by car, foot, bicycle and transit for everyone in the community regardless of age or ability.

Creating Livable Communities (Federal Highway Administration)

The Federal Highway Administration produced this report to offer strategies on how to effectively incorporate livability concepts and objectives in public transportation decisions in order to maximize the return in community benefits from each transportation investment.

Aging in Place – Stuck without Options: Fixing the Mobility Crisis Facing the Baby Boom Generation (Transportation for America)

Transportation for America issued this report to assess the adequacy of transportation options for the projected growth of an older America to help cities evaluate their own transportation needs. The results indicate a lack of preparedness for cities of all sizes.

Livability in Transportation Guidebook: Planning Approaches That Promote Livability (US Department of Transportation)

The Department of Transportation organized this guidebook to showcase how livability principles have been and should continue to be incorporated into transportation, planning, programs, and project design initiatives at the state, regional, and local levels.

Where the Jobs Are: Employer Access to Labor by Transit (The Brookings Institute)

The Brookings Institute conducted this study in order to determine the efficiency, quality, and cost of public transportation networks in metropolitan areas that partially determine access to jobs. Local officials and planners in metropolitan areas that are considering redesigning transit service areas to more accurately reflect their metropolitan economies can use the data uncovered in this study.

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