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Find out how community design impacts successful aging by connecting housing, transportation and essential services. Learn how to improve the physical design of communities by updating state and local regulations, land-use policies, zoning and building codes, and urban design guidelines.


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Beyond 50:05 A Report to the Nation on Livable Communities: Creating Environments for Successful Aging (AARP)

This AARP report presents a new agenda for examining, building and retrofitting our communities to support successful aging. It explores the connections between a livable community and community engagement and how both contribute to successful aging.

Preserving Affordability and Access in Livable Communities (AARP)

This AARP study examines the availability of affordable housing for low-income older adults near quality transportation. Planning practices and strategies to create more livable communities are explored.

Opportunities for Creating Livable Communities (AARP)

The most common barriers to creating livable communities are examined in this AARP Public Policy Institute report. It offers examples of how communities around the country have realized increased housing and transportation choices for older adults and other community members.

Planning for Healthy Living: the Next Challenge (International Making Cities Livable)

This article focuses on the extent to which existing planning leads to isolationism and social dysfunction. As community planners continue to wrestle with the challenge of connectivity, opportunities for social interaction become paramount in fostering communities where people are physically and socially healthy.

Regional Policy Options to Support Sustainable and Equitable Development (Center for Housing Policy)

This report, by the Center for Housing Policy, shares ideas for policy options regional officials can use to encourage equitable, location-efficient growth. Such policies can provide equitable access to public transit, minimize displacement of existing residents, increase the diversity and vitality of communities, and advance public health goals.


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