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Livable communities promote healthy living and emphasize physical activity, support caregiving and home-based services, and encourage neighbor-to-neighbor connection and support.


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Housing and Health: New Opportunities for Dialogue and Action (National Center for Healthy Housing)
This “concept paper” presents compelling evidence linking housing to health and shares ideas on how to bridge the gap in order to improve the livability of communities for residents of all ages. Planners and local officials will gain a better understanding of the relationship between housing and community health from this report.

Policy Brief: Transportation, Public Health and Safety (Transportation for America)
Transportation for America organized this brief report to highlight facts related to transportation, public health, and safety, as well as goals and policy recommendations to combat these challenges and improve public health and safety.

Meeting the Health Care Needs of Aging Residents of Affordable Multifamily Housing (Center for Housing Policy)
Vermont’s Support and Services at Home (SASH) program seeks to build a system of integrated long-term care for seniors by coordinating housing, healthcare, and social services. This case study examines the efforts, opportunities, and challenges faced by SASH in providing a comprehensive approach to healthcare and housing for seniors.

Shortchanging America’s Health: A State-By-State Look at how Public Health Dollars are spent and Key State Health Facts (Trust for America’s Health)
This report explores America’s health in relation to where Americans live. After an examination of the relationships between funding, states, and public health, the report offers recommendations and action steps for local governments on how to “modernize public health.”

Journal of Aging and Health Website (1989-2012)
The health of a growing older demographic impacts transportation, health services, housing, and a host of other age-related categories. The Journal of Aging and Health website is a rich resource for the latest thinking and research on those health issues impacting seniors everywhere.

Debbie James on Community Development that Supports Phsycial Activity

Communities in the future must be developed in a way to support more physical movement to promote greater well being.  Thoughtful planning, collaboration with government, maintaining a focus on changing the rules can result in an approach to development that benefits everyone.

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