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Livable communities benefit from residents who are engaged with one another and who invest their time and interest in community activities and affairs. Find information on programs that foster connection, as well as examples of local initiatives that have enlisted older residents’ help in planning for the future.


Featured Resources

The Maturing of America – Communities Moving Forward for an Aging Population (National Association of Area Agencies on Aging, et al)
The National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (n4a) conducted a national survey among local government officials to determine activities across ten areas that help make communities more livable for all ages. This report contains examples of best practices and useful strategies and should be one of the first reports community planners and local officials use as a guide for creating livable communities for all ages.

Partners for Livable Communities Website
Partners for Livable Communities (PLC) is a nonprofit organization established in 1977 to foster development of livable communities. On their website community planners and local governmental leaders will find practical resources for implementing livable community principles.

Senior Centers Fact Sheet (National Council on Aging)
Across the nation, 1 million older adults take part in services offered by senior centers. The National Council on Aging produced this fact sheet to provide a snapshot of the impact nearly 11,000 senior centers are having on their communities.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors: A Qualitative Study of Villages Operating in the District of Columbia (AARP)
This report, based on an AARP study that surveyed five operating Villages in the District of Columbia, offers a snapshot of the Village movement and the benefits Villages offer to older adults as they age. Villages are emerging in communities across the country and offer an alternative to institutional care for older residents needing assistance to live independently in their homes.

Connecting and Giving: A Report on How Mid-life and Older Americans Spend Their Time, Make Connections, and Build Communities (AARP)

The current civic involvement and volunteers rates across generations are explored in this AARP study.

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