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Easy Ways to Kiss Up to the Boss

If all else fails, here's how to get in good with the higher-ups

How to Kiss Up To Your Boss


Here's a few easy tips to appease management in the workplace.

En español |  Even if the digital office world is sucking you under, there's a time-tested, analog way to get ahead: Learn to suck up with grace and dignity. Fifty-plus workers have a leg up on their younger colleagues because it takes a lifetime to hone skills that have just the right balance of sincerity and shamelessness.

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1. Begin all memos to your superiors with, "As you undoubtedly already know …"

This is especially effective when you are convinced the boss may not have a clue what you are talking about.

2. Keep pop culture references to this century.

If your young boss makes a point with a reference to Game of Thrones, don't counter with a Spock-knows-better look and an example from the original Star Trek TV series.

3. Dispense your hard-won wisdom wisely.

When disaster strikes, you may be in the unique position of being able to say "I've seen worse," but don't refer to the Blizzard of '65 more than once if you can help it.

4. Ask for advice.

There's nothing more flattering than this: "Where can I take our out-of-town customers for lunch without breaking the bank?" It's a brown-nose two-fer: You're asking for gastronomical guidance and transparently trying to save the company money.

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5. Don't gush.

Try a modified Eddie Haskell approach, presenting your flattery as questions: "Would you mind telling me how you finessed that situation?" or "Our clients seem to respond especially well to your team. Why do you think that is?" Then again, if your boss likes it piled high and deep, go on and gush with gusto.

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