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7 Travel Podcasts You Can Listen to While Waiting in the Airport

Spend your time learning tips to maximize your travel experience

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Brent Petersen, Radio Misfits / Kelly & Lavinia / Kimberly Tate and Tamara Gruber / iHeartMedia, Inc./Darley Newman / / 10xTravel / World Footprints LLC / Mikalai Manyshau/Getty

One way you can plan for your next vacation is by listening to travel podcasts. You can also learn about places you might want to visit, or you can experience the destination if you’re unable to go there. We spoke to travel experts to find out which podcasts are worth listening to, especially if you are stuck waiting at the airport. We then spoke to the podcasters to learn more about their shows. The podcasts can be found on most major platforms. Here are the ones the experts recommend.

spinner image icon for travels with darley podcast
iHeartMedia, Inc./Darley Newman / Mikalai Manyshau/Getty

Travels with Darley

Host: Darley Newman

Traveler type: Travel like a local

First episode: November 2023

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Each episode of the Travels with Darley podcast is based on Darley Newman’s TV series that focuses on how to travel like a local around the world. “I’m writing [the podcast] almost like it’s a book in a way, in which you are going to the location but you can really visualize it,” she says. “You’re experiencing the adventure in the journey, and there are practical travel tips or travel hacks within them.” She creates an immersive feeling by including real-time background sounds. “We’re white water rafting and you’re in the boat, you’re hearing the water or you’re hearing the guy yelling at you,” she says.

spinner image icon for the make your own map podcast / Mikalai Manyshau/Getty

Make Your Own Map

Host: Lisa Niver

Traveler type: Brave traveler

First episode: December 2022

Niver’s Make Your Own Map podcast focuses on how to step outside of your comfort zone. Niver began the podcast after she turned in the manuscript for her memoir, Brave-ish: One Breakup, Six Continents, and Feeling Fearless After Fifty. “The focus of my podcast is the journey, which means different things in each episode,” she says. “When listening to my podcast, people will learn about the place or the person and get tips for how they can evolve as a traveler.”

spinner image icon for world footprints podcast
World Footprints LLC / Mikalai Manyshau/Getty

World Footprints

Hosts: Tonya and Ian Fitzpatrick 

Traveler type: Conscientious traveler

First episode: 2009

The husband and wife team of Tonya and Ian Fitzpatrick host the World Footprints podcast. Previously, they held jobs as lawyers; Tonya was also a White House appointee at the Department of Education. They bring their background of education and social justice to their episodes about travel. Originally, they had a show on terrestrial radio, then moved to a podcast format to have more freedom over what they produced. “We love to tell the stories that nobody else is telling,” says Tonya Fitzpatrick. There are “so many gifts that travel offers us and we try to showcase those.”

spinner image icon for there she goes podcast
Kelly & Lavinia / Mikalai Manyshau/Getty

There She Goes

Hosts: Lavinia Spalding and Kelly Chappie

Traveler type: Storyteller traveler

First episode: April 2021


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Lavinia Spalding and Kelly Chappie met each other through their husbands and decided during the pandemic to start the There She Goes podcast. Since they couldn’t travel, they were eager for something travel adjacent. Each episode features an essay written by a woman traveler; authors read their essay during the podcast. Chappie explains that each season is a combination of stories, what they evoke and where the people are going. She says they try to cover a broad range of story types and locations.

spinner image icon for destination eat drink podcast
Brent Petersen, Radio Misfits / Mikalai Manyshau/Getty

Destination Eat Drink

Host: Brent Petersen

Traveler type: Foodie traveler

First episode: December 2018

Petersen began his podcast Destination Eat Drink after a 15-year career in radio. “I love this idea of what we call in radio, theater of the mind,” he says. He explains that means helping listeners create images in their mind as they listen to the story. “My mantra in the podcast is: Food is culture, culture is food.” In other words, you can learn a lot about people based on what they eat and how the food is prepared.

spinner image icon for vacation mavens podcast
Kimberly Tate and Tamara Gruber / Mikalai Manyshau/Getty

The Vacation Mavens

Hosts: Kim Tate and Tamara Gruber

Traveler type: Family traveler

First episode: April 2016

The Vacation Mavens podcast is hosted by Kim Tate and Tamara Gruber. After meeting at a Kansas City travel conference in 2015, they started a podcast because of the lack of options focusing on family travel that weren’t related to RVs or Disney. Originally, their focus was on younger families, but now that their kids are teens, they also discuss topics such as “momcations” or girlfriend getaways. “Tamara and I both love to share tips that help others plan vacations and get the most out of their trips,” says Tate.

spinner image icon for takeoff podcast
10xTravel / Mikalai Manyshau/Getty

Takeoff: A Points and Miles Podcast by 10xTravel 

Hosts: Bryce Conway, Emily Jaeckel, Matt Brown and Travis Cormier

Traveler type: Reward traveler

First episode: June 2023

If you love reward points, then the Takeoff: A Points and Miles Podcast by 10xTravel is for you. The four hosts offer a comprehensive look into how to use travel-related reward programs to your advantage. They created a podcast after readers who took their free travel course requested an audio version. “Our focus is to teach our audience how to use credit card points and miles to lower the cost of their travel and help them travel better,” explains Emily Jaeckel.

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