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The Supporting Family Caregivers Providing Complex Care series offers emerging themes, practices and examples for hospitals working to improve patient and family engagement. 

Policy Foundations of Family-Centered Care in the Hospital

The Caregiver Advise Record Enable Act

AARP developed model legislation based on the Home Alone findings- the CARE Act. The law supports patients and family caregivers of all ages, and for any diagnosis. The CARE Act is now law in 44 States and Territories.


Under the CARE Act:

  • Hospitals must identify a family caregiver for inpatient admissions and record the family caregiver in the medical record.
  • Hospitals must notify the family caregiver of discharge plans for the person in the hospital.
  • Family caregivers must be offered training on medical/nursing tasks they may be asked to perform.


Additional Reports on CARE Act Implementation

Within a mere four-year span, landmark model legislation addressing issues related to family caregiving has become law in 44 states and territories (and counting). On-the-ground implementation of the Caregiver Advise, Record, Enable (CARE) Act continues. These reports provide an introduction and an update on the legislation and its implementation, bringing in perspectives from the field.

From Home Alone to the CARE Act: Collaboration for Family Caregivers (PDF)

Read about the beginnings of the CARE Act/Home Alone Alliance™ scan of hospital implementation.

The CARE Act Implementation: Progress and Promise (PDF)

This update explores what the national scan of CARE Act implementation entails and includes views from the field, the method of data collection, information about a developing series of how-to videos and resources guides for family caregivers, and the introduction of the Supporting Family Caregivers Providing Complex Care Series.