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A Panel Of Speakers, AARP Public Policy Institute, Long Term Services Experts

PPI experts cover a wide range of issues from Social Security and Medicare to health reform, livable communities, consumer protection, long-term care, caregiving, financial security and more.

Susan Reinhard, RN, Ph.D., FAAN, Sr. Vice President for Public Policy, AARP

Areas of Expertise: Family caregiving, adult foster care/day care, care coordination, chronic care, health care delivery system reform, nursing, nursing education, quality of care, health care workforce issues, acute and long-term care integration, LTC case management and consumer direction, Medicaid, Medicare home health, home and community-based services, nursing home and LTC workforce issues

Rodney Harrell, PhD, Vice President, Family, Home and Community

            Areas of Expertise: Livable communities, housing, residential patterns and community development 

Rita B. Choula, MA, Director, Caregiving 

            Areas of Expertise: Family caregiving

Carrie Blakeway Amero, MPA, Director, Long-Term Services and Supports

Areas of Expertise: Long-term services and supports 

Livability Index

How livable is your community?

Ari Houser, MA, Senior Methods Advisor

Areas of Expertise: Research methods and statistics, demographics, disability, family caregiving, and use of formal long-term services and supports

Edem Hado, MPH, Policy Research Senior Analyst

             Areas of Expertise: Medicaid, long-term services and supports, public health, prevention, and health policy

Shannon Guzman, MA, MCP, Policy Research Senior Analyst

Areas of Expertise: Livable communities; smart growth policy; community planning; and land use, housing and transportation policy

Jana Lynott, AICP, MA, Senior Strategic Policy Advisor  

Areas of Expertise: Livable communities, transportation and land use

Brendan Flinn, MPH, Senior Policy Advisor  

            Areas of Expertise: Home and community-based services, Medicaid, waiver and state plan operations , nursing homes, family caregiving

Selena Caldera, Senior Strategic Policy Advisor 


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Susan Reinhard is senior vice president and director of AARP Public Policy Institute. Read her latest blogs on family caregiving, healthy living, nursing and more. Read Susan's Blogs