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The Future of Transportation: A PPI Solutions Forum and Webcast

Tuesday, October 23, 11am-12:30pm

“The transportation sector is experiencing major disruption; in fact, it's only the beginning. And, autonomous vehicles are just one potential disruptor in a shift involving the entire transportation ecosystem. Change, however, can either unfold haphazardly with negative consequences, or we can harness it through sound policy and planning to realize a desired vision. AARP policy thought leader Jana Lynott will articulate a vision of transportation to manage the disruptive forces, leading to a more equitable and sustainable transportation future. External speakers to be announced soon.”

More specifically, I hope to focus the conversation around how we build what I’ve coined Universal Mobility as a Service (see for a quick motion graphic illustrating what we mean). We only have 1.5 hours for the event as it will be live streamed, so we’ll need to bypass many of the popularly covered topics around AVs and really focus on equity for the current 100 million non-drivers in the US, many of who are underserved by our current transportation system. We’re also interested in how the future transportation system can be supportive of more livable communities.

In terms of panelists, I’m looking to represent the perspectives below. This will be a back-and-forth discussion among panelists, likely broken into two panels. No formal presentations needed but we can integrate illustrative visuals:

  • (Confirmed) Moderator: Tanya Snyder, Politico
  • An OEM with activity in Mobility as a Service (proposed: Jessica Robinson, Ford Smart Mobility). Note: this is not intended to be a conversation about Ford’s AV technology, except as it fits within a larger MaaS vision.
  • A TNC (ridesourcing) perspective (invited: Lyft with a particular understanding of their medical transportation space)
  • (confirmed) Robin O’Hara, LA Metro TAP Source MaaS initiative
  • (confirmed) Roger Teal, DemandTrans, expert in demand responsive transportation coordination
  • (confirmed) Kevin Chambers, Full Path Transit Technology, expert in community transportation delivery through open source platforms
  • (confirmed) Valerie Lefler, Feonix Mobility Rising, rural transportation innovator