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Ice Cream & IRA’s: Hidden Costs Can Hurt You

You’ve worked hard for your money; let’s make sure it doesn’t melt away. Tell the SEC: crack down on bad advice!

Americans lose billions a year due to bad retirement advice.

Tell the SEC to Crack Down on Bad Advice

In Your Best Interest

Investors Can Speak Out About Bad Financial Advice

SEC holds roundtables to review its proposed rule to prevent hidden fees and conflicts of interest

Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor Up Front

AARP’s free, interactive tool provides tips for evaluating advisor candidates

Speak Up for Investor Protection

AARP web page encourages comment to the SEC about protecting retirement investments

SEC Urged to Adopt Advisor Standards

AARP says uniform policy would ensure a level and transparent market

SEC Publishes Investor Protection Rule

As public comment period begins, consumer advocates say regulation would be too weak

Your Financial Professional Checklist

A step-by-step roadmap for choosing a consultant with the best credentials and track record