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How to Use the Pay Down Your Debt Tracker

Keep a running total of how much debt you pay off each day during the Pay Down Your Debt Challenge

Registered users on can compete for weekly and overall prizes this month in the Pay Down Your Debt Challenge.

To be eligible to win, you must use the Debt Tracker tool at least once, and leave the box checked when prompted about entering our contest.

This tracker allows you to set a debt-reduction goal for the month. You can use the tracker once a day to enter any amount you paid toward your debt. This can include sending an extra payment for your credit card or paying off a medical bill. Did you have a fee waived from your account? Did you negotiate for a lower interest rate on your credit card? Submit how much you saved in debt in the tracker.

You will be able to see how your numbers add up each day, as well as, the total debt reduction from the Pay Down Your Debt Challenge group. For more information, see our contest rules.