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Livable Communities Publications Order Form

The following (free!) booklets and guides have been created to help community leaders and residents make where they live more livable for people of all ages

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The printed publications available via this order form are also available as free PDF downloads. Learn more below.

AARP Livable Communities Publications

AARP Livable Communities

These covers represent just some of our available publications. Click on the image to see the complete collection.

  • To learn more about the titles available below — and to access the PDF downloads for each — visit the Livable Library

  • Check the box of the title(s) you want to order and enter your name and mailing address in the fields provided.

  • All publications are free and will typically be delivered by mail within 4 weeks.

  • We can send one copy of each title. Orders for multiple copies will be considered.

  • Email us at if you have difficulties using this form and/or to explain any bulk order requests.

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Updated March 2023